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Sovereign Consulting Group 
Strategy Consultants

Sovereign Consulting Group
was organized 1995 in Boca Raton, Florida  as an  international consulting organization providing strategic planning for global expansion and development, advisory services to middle market businesses in support of client growth, and marketing efforts.

In today’s competitive global marketplace, ingenuity, vision, and flexibility are not luxuries any more. Rather, they are essentials. Our responsiveness to the realities of a client's commercial sector and market objectives means that we follow emerging trends and make research commitments that produce valuable advice with the depth, precision, objectivity, professionalism and integrity that our Firm is based on.   

Our Firm is managed by an experienced, international team with backgrounds in corporate management and operations. The Firm has developed a network of experienced and qualified associates to the extent that a team can be tailored as a whole to suit any particular project or proposal. 

Sovereign Consulting Group
will work with the client to define his needs, narrow the scope of the problem areas; propose a consulting engagement that is designed specifically to our client’s needs. By focusing on synergistic services, key accounts and new business developments, we can help international companies defining new global markets and establish a market presence.

All consulting services are available on a project basis, monthly agreement or hourly fee basis.

Sovereign Consulting Group

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Boca Raton, Florida 33427 USA
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